Yes, I’m Back from Espana!

It was a fun and enjoying trip. Learn a lot about Spain… Currently working hard on the Photos I’ve snapped… quite a bit… haha. So, for the mean time, here’s some I took for my tour mates, uploaded for them so that they can save a copy for themselves.

Hey guys and gals, thanks for making the trip such a wonderful one, Muchas Gracias!

Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008

Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008

Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008Spain 20-31 Oct 2008

MoRe Pictures

p/s: will upload the rest once I get it done πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “HoLa!”

  1. I see u’ve uploaded alot pictures at ur flickr already, πŸ˜€
    The scenery there nice right?!
    My dream country, wanna migrate there when older πŸ˜€

  2. Hiyo Dasmond,

    Thanks for making this trip a memorable one as well. Haha you made a couple of more fans as well. As wat the ‘dao you’ said …”after this trip, u r our friends instead of jus customers”

    ( πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  3. Hi Dasmond, thanks for making the trip a very memorable one for my mum and grandma as well.

    Very nice photos from you. And a wonderful camera and skills you have there! (:
    Will be sending you the pictures from their cameras as well, erm… soon. =P

    ( Ha, which is ur mum and granny? … cameralady ur granny?… haha… wild guess – from 22 )

  4. Thanks for the pics. Haha. Those couple is so sweet. Hehe.

    Take ur time to upload the pics. No hurry. U are busy with 45th anniversary and soon for sheng siong show too. Jia you! Take good care! =)

    ( yeap… still trying to sort out the description of the pics, places I took them.. *scratch head – from 22 )

  5. hmm. cameralady? eh. my granny’s the one who kept showing you her photos during the first few days. >.<
    haha. maybe she’s the cameralady u r referring to. =x

    ( yeap, ur mum with coldsore – πŸ™‚ from 22 )

  6. πŸ™‚ heard u bought a lot of Tee Shirts and ur baggage very neat as well. But u didnt bring much warm Jackets isit? But ur photography skills r like journalistic style kind. Hope u can post wat the ”Dao you” took of u too. Thanks

    ( sorting out the photos in the meantime… i’m not afraid of cold weather that’s y wore only tees usually… πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  7. haha. pretty clever guess, but aiya, they are the only 婆εͺ³ inside right? πŸ˜›

    had uploaded photos of you up to flickr. heh, no worries, it’s a private folder. had mailed you the link already.
    photo quality and composition not as good as yours. But hmmm… see if you wanna go download them. πŸ™‚

    rest early!

  8. I saw sheng siong show ad. It going to be show on 15th sat. But i cant go leh. Sianz. I working that day. Arghh. Hope next time i can go. The sheng siong will show until how long? dec or next yr?

    ( next Jan… – from 22 )

  9. Hello Dasmond,
    Like I wrote on Reshel’s site…wanna say Thank U…for making the trip a wonderful one for all of us…I shall be back to check out the pictures you’ve taken…haven’t got time to run through all….at first glance….they look really really good… thanks so much for capturing all these pictures and sharing it with us….it’s like I’m being transported back to Spain….I haven’t got down to doing mine…. All the best in your upcoming projects!

    ( So glad that u guys like the pics… even though it’s really amature… haha πŸ™‚ – from 22 )

  10. Glad to see that you are back as I have been busy for quite awhile also. Anyway, great pictures of Spain. I will be looking forward to plan a trip to Spain with my family. Looks like a nice place to relax and enjoy stress free life.

  11. Hi Dasmond
    Well you are just too humble, it’s really better than amateur especially the quiet moments of couples, capturing shots of pleasant surprise, scenes of your artistic angle, etc. Phew..fantastic! Thank you for looking out for all of us during the trip..GOOD LUCK!


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