He makes me Laugh…

Came back from work feeling kinda sick, running a slight fever…

Ya, tell us for what? You sick your problem la… that’s what pple around me will say when they came across such post… ha! But it’s true I’m feeling sick * Insist

Okay, so why the title? Some miscommunication happened just before I wanted to hop on to bed, resulted in making me feeling lousy. The sleeping mood gone completely.

So, I switched on the TV and he was there…

commical 002

Super comical lo… especially his laughter, so contagious…

Feeling better.

p/s: Checkout this post from Glorious Citizen.


29 thoughts on “He makes me Laugh…”

  1. I dun know what is cpu. I only know what is cup only. Wahaha. Lol.
    U in bangkok. Haha. Please consult a doctor if u need it. Rest more & take care. Jia you!

  2. Gosh! i watched a bit too but missed this part sia! Every weekday i am ‘very busy’ at 10pm, i have 3 channels to tune in.. so ended i watch little here n there.. Lol. this is one of them!

  3. thanks for telling us u sick.

    最近很忙吧! 累坏了吧!
    要好好照顾自己。 早日康复哦!

    I agree his laughter contagious.
    My mum and I 每次看电视,看到他都会笑。


  4. Who say u sick not our problem? It is okie! =) Haven seen u around Eastpoint lately le or even bump into u in tiny S’pore…boohoohoo! =(
    Anywayz, take truckloads of care k? Drink lotsa H2O…
    Take care coz
    1)U r a celebrity! I wanna see ur face on TV okiedokiepokie? =p
    2)Ur family wil be sad
    3)Ur frens will be sad
    4)I AM sad *Sniff*
    5)Everyone sad!

    I also down with the bug got flu neh… boohoohoohoo
    Drop by my blog n tag k? I wanna see ur name there! =D

  5. 榮少 要記得多多休息唷~


    ( 🙂 – from 22 )

  6. hello dasmond! omgg everyone seems to be getting down with the virus. it must be the weather i think. well i hope you will recover soon ok! [: i just only recovered from mine, and plus, the picture of that samurai thing, isn’t that really you?
    TAKECARE kay 😀

  7. Hope you are getting better. For all those who are sick, do take care and drink more water. Body in this period need to repair. So must take note….And if you know a better way to make yourself feel better, do keep it that way. Sometimes do have those pple always will create miscommunication and cause you to feel uncomfortable or angry. Sigh…. I had a sleepless nite too… I understand 🙁

  8. take care! 3.40am le, gonna ko but still decided to come here and take a look first den got to know that you’re sick. =S take care wo. drink more plain water, and see doctor. ^^

    ( …. 🙂 – from 22 )

  9. dasmond,

    taiwan programme “模範棒棒堂” was shown on last thurs in taiwan
    in this programme, sugi did went there with the rest of the contestants to perform
    sugi together with one of the tw male contestants perform rap under the rap category
    their team get so high mark due to sugi got used his country languages to rap it out
    this is the link to watch our two dearest singaporean singers went to this programme to perform:

    (just scroll all the way down will do it)

  10. Health comes first! Need to take care of yourself otherwise it can turn out bad. Yes, it is good to drink more water BUT not too much. Why? Drinking too much water will put a lot of stress to your kidney as they will be working to hard just like you. So, a typical 6 – 8 glasses a day should be enough. Normally for me, I check my urine color … as long as it is not too yellowish, it should be okay.

    Take care!

  11. I saw you @MayDay concert! =D xD sD *faint*

    I notice you on the big screen but can’t find you in the crowd.. until I spotted you walking off with your friend at the carpark. U must be thinking that you saw some siao ppl right… keep waving and smiling and standing at the bus stop like a piece of wood. I only hear myself repeating,” cam no batt cam no batt”. I forgot abt my hp until my sis says so..and you left. Haiz, next time i see you again pls take a pic with me k~ I will take one with my cam and the other with my hp..lolx. U look cool today. Looks like u’ve recovered:) see ya~

    _I Love MayDay_and_Monster_

    ( oh, the 2 gals?… hahaa.. sure, if happen to bump into me next time jux come forward ok? 🙂 -from 22 )

  12. There’s a lot of ppl falling sick. Pls take good care of yourself, ya? And have a good rest to allow your body to recuperate.

    As for the poster, it really looks like it’s you at a glance… hahaha…. 🙂

  13. hey, you take care now..there is a flu bug going around.

    And yessssss, i like xiao zhong!! I thought i was the only who thought his laughter is so damn contagious…i would find myself laughing at his laughter alone!!

    you take care now..

  14. i love xiao zhong too! have been taking notice of him ever since i saw him on taiwan tv.. 😀 i love it when he comes onto the variety shows! makes things interesting! together with nono is deadly combo.. both so funny.. hehe.

    aniwae, really hope that you’re feeling much better.

    take care! 🙂


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