6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Philip!”

  1. Wow dasmond ur bros are really really really really lucky 2 hav a bro like u man….
    i mean ……
    u dun really c a person tellin stuffs bout deir bros… i mean esp guys… dey dun really post out stuff bout deir bros n things lydat….
    bt 4 u… its different ,,,
    can really tell u care bout ur bros alot!!!
    ur a cool bro…
    ur bros must b very happy n proud 2 hav a cool bro like u!!
    well hlp me wish ur bro a happy birthday oso o make it blated

  2. Ya loh dasmond bros are really very lucky 2 have a bro like u. haha.
    I also can see tat u care abt ur bros alot.
    Celebrate birthday for him and other things. The 2nd pics the guy is yu yang or jun yang huh? I forget his name liao. haha. Pai seh. Happy belated birthday to ur bro. U have msn? add me if u want. Thanks. Take care. See you soon. =)

  3. 3 bros? Me got 4 bros. Anyway, your bros are fortunate to have you. Can see that you are happy for your bro to celebrate with them their birthdays.

    Reminds me of my good old days … well, now it is the next chapter of my life.

    Lastly, we like to wish your bro a happy birthday and may all his dreams come true!

  4. Hey das,

    Felt that JJ look more alike with you..hehe..so where your the other bro?

    ( He’s in the army… 🙂 – from 22 )

  5. {continued frm ur dive post..}
    I seen jacki few times but dont think he cld recognise me.
    diving community in sg is really small, so not surprising divers know one another bah, i guess.

    ya man! ur brothers are lucky! and can tell all very close eh?
    so u the eldest… i see


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