Happy Birthday DK!

Happy Birthday Dasmond!

mufa cake

Thanks for all the thoughtful calls and well wishing sms…


and the effort in baking the 1 and only birthday cake for me….

jj cake

joshua cake

cup cakes

I live to see

I live to hear

I live to feel

I live to learn

Thanks for carrying me so preciously in your hands
Showering me with love

I will seize every moment
For I know you’re behind me
helping me to shine
always …



38 thoughts on “Happy Birthday DK!”

  1. Happy Birthday, Dasmond.

    Wow, nice to see all those lovely goodies … my daughter will love them. A year older will be a year wiser. So, you have learnt another year of knowledge to share with many others as you go along in life.

    Hope you have the best birthday for this year and many to come.

    Video Guy

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sorry this is one day late. =D
    I’m sure you enjoyed your birthday!
    Hope you have a great year!
    Take care.

  3. Happy belated, Dasmond.
    Like you, I once had a M&M’s birthday cake done by my friend. I was truly touched by their effort in preparing the cake. It was a superb nice cake. (o.

  4. Hey Dasmond…
    Just now over at sheng siong show…i wish u a belated Bdae…actually should be 24th…not 36th(bcos U dun look 36 actually)…but I am just “disturbing” U only…hahaha
    Well…seriously and sincerely…wishing U a BELATED Bdae to U…like 2 days after ur Bday….Well,hope next season Sheng Siong we will work together again soon!Rest Early MAN!

  5. hey there…

    wanted to sing birthday song for ya in the studio today.. but u zao super fast after the show ahs? hahas… ohh wells… at least managed to say happy birthday to ya ^^

    & mcs studio very cold, u duno mehs? hahas…

    my fangdatong board.. its ‘yi4 shu4’ la.. hahas..

    cyahhs soon alrights? hope there’ll be ss season three :)) jiayou jiayou…

    & HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀 nice cakes there 🙂

  6. Hey Dasmond. I never go mdc yesterday cos i not feeling well.

    U look handsome,cute and cool at ss show. Hehe. Anyway Happy birthday to u. Wat a nice cake.

    Lol. u dun need to thanks us for singing birthday song to u at radio gate on feb of 16. Haha.

    Hope to see u soon at ss season three.

    Jia you in everything and take care.

  7. Wah….so many M&N…on a chocolate cake some more. Better be careful not to eat so many sweet things. Anyway, Happy belated B’day, ^v^

  8. Hihi…Happy Belated Birthday! Stay 22 always…haha=)

    Oh…and I saw a msg from LIN JUN J**. Can’t see the last 2 letters in the picture…is that JJ Lin the singer…lolz=P

    sorry im sosososo late! i hope you had a splendid joy on your birthday! 😀
    i was born like 6 days after yours, 28th feb[:
    coming soooooon!
    lalalalaaaaaa, goodluck in your ratty year!

  10. Hi Dasmond,

    I am so sorry for the belated birthday wishes… (crops up with some work)

    “Dream what you want to dream;
    Go where you want to go;
    Be what you want to be;
    Because you have only one life
    and one chance to do all the
    things you want to do.

    My very best wishes are always be with you!

    Happy Belated Birthday, Dasmond…”


  11. Hi Dasmond

    Sorry for the late birthday wish!
    Here is my wish to you, a Happy Belated Birthday!
    May all the dream/wish will come true!
    May Damond quickly find a partner!


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