Happy Birthday 生日快乐


Think we should do it by the order I got to know them.

This is the first article both of us were being put together…


Dun ask me, I couldnt remember when was this published… ha

And this young kid grow up day by day…

From a young chap…


To a teenager…


and now, young adult…


How time flies… haha.
I’m glad I was given the chance to witness your growing up…
In fact, looking back, I must say I really missed those good old days…

Joey_bday 204

Happy Birthday Josh.
May you be surrounded with joy and love always.
21. Legal age to do anything you want now… ha!


I was this young when I saw her on TV. 19? ha


Handsome huh? haha

Never thought that one day, I’ll be standing beside her, working with her…

web 055



Although she always create trouble, make use of her nice friends ( like me )…
hanging around with her is still something that I always look forward to 🙂 …


To the dear friend of mine…
Happy Birthday Tiffany 权怡凤!
Life without you will be sOoooOoo boring… haha!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday 生日快乐”

  1. Time flies very fast , everyone getting old , especially our parents…..really mizz the time , but it won’t return , we have to faces forward .

    Happy birthday Josh “I’m not Stupid” , he is not stupid anymore , he young adult dy …. >.<

  2. cheer on 22, waiting to vote u in for favourite character, now waiting for top 20 nominee list. hope to see yr name in the list, bro!

    ( ha… thanks 🙂 – from 22 )


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