20 thoughts on “Happy 16th Birthday!”

  1. Opps! Didn’t see you in the photo … Guess your bro is enjoying his birthday with his friends. Nice to capture it on camera as you can review them in the later stage of life knowing that you have enjoyed that moment.

    Happy to see everyone smiling away! Life should be filled with happiness! Wishing everyone in the world be happy and having a nice time.


  2. when i was 16… i was so naive
    when i am 23 , i still hope i’m still naive.
    life is getting more challenging, more exciting. long way to go dasmond’s bro.

    happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to you!
    You are so lucky to have Dasmond as a bruther, I think he sure doted on his little brudder! So envy!

  4. Not his real bro, but Dasmond treat him like his own bro, super nice to him leh… ya, choon kiat very lucky, I also wan… lol. Me from the same school 🙂

  5. Your bro got the “not easy to handle” type of look, hope you are not having a hard time dealing with him… 16, very “pan ni” type of age, like my bro… and he does look like you :]

  6. >>Daniel: omg! he super look like das.

    to everybody who birthday falls on 29 March a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    wish all your wishes whether impossible or not, to come true somehow!
    hmm , how many brothers you have ? o.o

    ( I’ll answer your question in one of the up coming post… ha – from 22 )

  7. sorry Dasmond … yr little bro looks more handsome than you 😛

    ( ha, it’s good to hear that… something I can be proud of 🙂 – from 22 )

  8. u all don’t apple polisher la.he where got look like dasmond??he look like his mother SON.he also got a no brain bro which is a symbol of singapore,which vomit at dasmond house( that no brain)another bro is piglet which drink half a bottle of dry gin purely at jj house….but very lucky piglet and jj won black jack and his winning is enough for a cab home.song bo.

  9. ya, i do find him got the Dasmond’s pattern also, that’s why you people find him look like DK. Happy belated birthday to Dasmond’s little bro. DK rocks!!! you’re lucky to have him as a brother :-B


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