I’m glad I’ve done the videos that I posted earlier.

Friends I know ( and dunno ) started dropping me messages in FaceBook, emails, sms etc…. telling me how much the clips had served as a reminder to go green… Thanks people, I’m really touched… This proves that we do care… each and everyone of us 🙂

Remember the Clean & Green contest on the NEA website? The closing date is near, 20 May, so… if you are interested to take part in the contest, sharing your own way of going green, do it fast! If not, you can go in and take a look at all the interesting entries… some of them… haha! ( some can be pretty lame lah I agree * )

Think Green ya… It might be a small step, but its definitely a important one… 🙂

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  1. Hope you’ve enjoyed your massage! Haha. Anyway, can I ask what laptop brand& Model are you using? Or any recommendation? Thanks! 🙂

    ( MacBook… – from 22 )


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