GONE with the Wind…

If you have not watched any episode of Sunday night’s The Sheng Siong Show, at least you would have heard of it somewhere…

Yeap, it’s the show that gave our loads of money. And everyone’s thinking how good it would feel if they are 1 of the lucky winner.

And, here’s a little story about last week’s show.

We conducted the 2nd $100 000 draw during the show.
Among tenth of thousands receipts, the lucky winner emerged.
She won 2000 pieces of $50 notes!


S $100 000 !!!!!!

But guess what, after the show, they ( whoever la… ) found out that she happen to be some immediate relatives of the management personnel. Having no choice, we’ll be announcing the disqualification on tmr’s show… 🙁

Well, Heng or Suay?

14 thoughts on “GONE with the Wind…”

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  2. Actually i pity the hosts and organiser of this show. Everytime the hosts call out, these ppl are like not watching and when u all tell them that they will win money, and when the hosts ask them they are watching or not, they will fake fake say got den go on teevee…


  3. of cos is SUAY la…

    Seriously this prog really giving out gold leh.. ytd passed by sheng siong @ bedok ah, saw 2 boxes full of receipts n the store full of pple.

  4. ????????!??????????!?????????!?????????????!
    ???!???!??????Super star ????!??!

  5. hi, i;m a malay gal who happens interested in chinese drama and variety show. although, i can only understand simple mandarin but i still watch TCS8 drama.Recently,i understand that shengsiong had lucky draws given to the public and it is quite fun having writing my personal data on the receipt and awaits for the result but it is quite pity that the show ends very soon. and i was wondering if u could post out the winner of the grand lucky draw in ur blog as i could not read chinese newspaper and missed out the last show. i really appreciated if u could post the result….
    Thank you…


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