13 thoughts on “Diving!”

  1. who is your little brother JJ??? Real brother as in??
    You go for dive trip, come back and post hor!!!
    Pray for good weather and no choppy sea for the trip! =D

  2. So cool! Diving is a great adventure but not for me as I am too old. Maybe I should be encouraging my kids to go for diving. I love the sea and used to go fishing during my younger days. Now, I guess my children should be enjoying this sport.

    Have a nice trip!

  3. hello desmond,wonder if you still remember me..we have a shooting together last year in one of the series of “bao bei jing tian bu hui jia”=)i still took picture together with you=)

    anyway happy belated to you!hope it’s not too late!

    take care



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