Congrats to Sugi and Yvonne!

Saw a comment from Sean ( thanks for the info 🙂 ), that our dear Sugi from 绝对 Superstar 1 and Yvonne from 校园 Superstar 1 make it through the 1st round of 超级星光大道第三季!
Really happy for them, hopefully the past experience they have accumulated will bring them round after round!
Well Done, all the way man!

2008-03-21 超级星光大道第三季 part 1
[youtube DigfmJCw14E]

2008-03-21 超级星光大道第三季 part 2
[youtube NF8mx0-nhuM]

2008-03-21 超级星光大道第三季 part 3
[youtube 0uF0KIQeD-4]

2008-03-21 超级星光大道第三季 part 4
(Performance by Sugianto)
[youtube w_tz8b0Llfk]

2008-03-21 超级星光大道第三季 part 5
(Performance By Yvonne)
[youtube vmd1DXvLgbE]

2008-03-21 超级星光大道第三季 part 6
[youtube lVBhnaahRww]

17 thoughts on “Congrats to Sugi and Yvonne!”

  1. Congrat to sugie and yvonne. I have see this youtube before but is part 1-4. But 5 and 6 i havent seen it. Thanks rong shao. Jia you sugie & yvonne. Take care. 🙂

  2. I can see that they are all great singers! I do not know how to sing but enjoys bathroom singing at times. Guess it will be another round of challenge for those singers!


  3. Yes! I’m happy for Sugi. I believe the past experience on stage and TV helped him to stay cool on the competition. Good job Superstar!

  4. Not only sugi and yvonne got in, the other 3 contestants from singapore also went through the first round! Congratulations to all the five of them.

  5. Not only that, both of them got through the 2nd second round. in fact, 4 of the singaporean contestants pulled thru the 2nd round and made it to Top 20. only 陈智毅 din make it. look out for this coming friday episode.

  6. oh yar, it’s such a waste that zhiyang couldnt take part in it, as well as ling yi.. think they have waste such a great opportunity. nevertheless, the rest of the contestants sings well too~ so jiayo!

  7. yo..thanks for uploading, desmond! If not wun noe Sugi and Yvonne took part in the competition! They are great!


  8. actually Ling Yi (PSS2) and Zhiyang (CSS1) also made it to xing guang da dao3.. however, lingyi had some permit problem and zhiyang got NS permit problem.. haiz~ if not there will be 7 s’pore reps..

  9. thanks rong shao for posting the video!
    and also thanks for the good news too!
    now, i am watching the video

    sugi and yvonne, congrats! all the best to the both of them! hope they can win

  10. hey! am now watching taiwan The Guess Show hosted by Wu Zong Xian. Sugie and Yvonne are in them?! omgosh!! so shocking! but its really cool kay… xD are there OTHER singaporeans that make it to XGDD3 too? other than sugie and yvonne?


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