Campus Superstar Revival Result

This round of Campus Superstar was different. Out of 12 contestants, only 2 make their way back to the competition.


And they are….

M6 Shawn!


F5 Hui Xian


To the rest of the contestants,

Wilson, Junjie, Fukuan, Xu Bing, Javin, Jiaqi, Jiajun, Teri, Amy, Elaine

You guys and gals done well… Bravo! 🙂

[youtube PD1a7AMmkUs]

12 thoughts on “Campus Superstar Revival Result”

  1. elloo….
    love ur voice n ur ARE CUTE DE LOR….
    N hor u veri de SHUAI lor!!!
    love to see u on TV….
    stay CUTE n SHUAI!!!

  2. Oh dear what happened to you Dasmond? Was watching the results segment and heard that your voice is hoarse.Hmm…drinks lots of water.The weather these days are terrible and furthermore your voice is your ‘rice bowl’ must take great care of it.^_^

  3. YEAH!!! The boy that I like went in to the Semi-match….Was so kan Jiong for him sia….haha

    anyway, u really sound so obviously out of tune loh tat day…please drink more water…
    saw abit of your show with Yifeng (Shoot…) something like tat lah…can’t rem leh…u seems to have slim down??? anyway, take care…..

  4. Hey all, heard that some of the finalists from CSS1/2 will be performing in Presbyterian High on 8th Aug at about 6pm. Is it true? They say that other than Yi Yuan and Choon Kiat, Shawn, Yvonne and many others also performing. Me feel like going to watch.. Anyone wants to come along?


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