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  1. if u have the money, u will win if a competition involves viewer’s choice. Ur talents and skills r secondary le…..no doubt the judges contibute a higher %….ur 30% makes a BIG difference if you got $$$$$……

  2. gosh! why did this happen? =(
    I think the loyang boy is really the best contestant so far in this year campus superstar…

    will he be able go into the wildcard round?
    I hope he will get a chance to go to wildcard round and get back on to the stage…

  3. huh? shawn out le ah? but not too bad that he had be in for so long. i still thought he will make it till finals. but he is still young la. his voice yet to break too.

  4. yo loh I also HUH and dun believe what my eyes had see loh as I had expected another guy to be out he got the lowest mark..
    Meaning that the curse is on loh those who got the lowest mark will kick off the one 2nd highest mark or higher mark loh,…
    Never mind SHAWN di di will be back on the revivial round..
    Dun care spend how much money also want him to be back in the stage…
    He is my winner in my mind..

  5. but i think emo-ing the feel wise, the older guys can do it better ba…
    he shldnt be out so early, but that said, i dont think he wld have been the last one standing also…

  6. Think its a little pity. Cos without shawn, den i dunno wads there to look forward to in CSS.

    At the same time, i think guohao quite ?? too la.Guohao is just so SUAY to haf been arranged to stand with shawn… ???forum????????

    Jus vote for shawn during revival ba. Dun be too complacent. (:

  7. argh…like shawn’s singing so much la..sad tt he out la..T_T…argh…but nvm..hope he can make it thru e revival round n go back on stage…

  8. YO DAS !
    I was there yesterday, and I wanted to take pic with you.. but you left already when i got down . =(
    I shouted your names several times , but I think you didnt hear it . =(
    Sigh. never mind .
    I still can take pic with you after my exams .
    yeah .
    I will continue to support you .

    Anyway, its is a pity that shawn got out , but I am sure he will get thru the wildcard round .

  9. I cried when the results were announced. I was not a supportor of them… and its my 1st time watching campus superstar due to my hectic working schedule..

    And I heard that Shawn was a really good singer.. It was just so sad… and what a waste..

    It just goes to prove that.. being good is still not enough..

  10. erm no offence to wad im saying =XX. i heard other ppl say its mediacorp which wans shawn to be out. so dat in the revival round he can help mediacorp ‘earn’ more $$. no offence. jus my opinion. (:

  11. yes.. i think it’s M1 bad luck made to stand with M3 for the results. and definitely. many will think that M1 was the cost for M3 ‘OUT’.

    seriously. i think M1’s voice is not up to the standard. didnt even know how he got into final 24. he could not sing with the tune. personally i think he do not have the looks. he manage to score higher marks when he sang ‘nan yong’ is because of his comedy and not his voice. that’s not the whole pt.

    further more. even the marks given by the judges takes up 70%. we do not even know how much calls we taken into the 30%. could that be made up? we voted for the results. we pay for it. shldnt we be allowed to know the voting statistics and not the final combined results?

    at least the contestants will know where they stand on the popularity.

    M1 shld really leave the game. tears does not help. people will hate him more. this kind of situation always happen. when the most popular contestant will leave the contest. when actually you can hear from the applause of how popular they are.

    this is really ridiculous. i really hope that mediacorp is not using them as ‘money maker’ during the re-match.

    eg. Kelly Poon, Derrick

    M3 deserve to be in the game.

  12. Well, there’s always hear/say everywhere. So, here I am.

    Firstly, there’s no really no who wans who to be out. Result is solely tabulated by adding the judges’ points and viewers’ vote.

    Next, there are auditors auditing the result, so it’s 100% true.

    As to releasing the statistic, well, wouldnt it end up having contestants all trying to match each other’s number of calls? make sense? Everyone call within their means, if its not enough, then its juz too bad ya?

    Take it easy people. 🙂

  13. campus superstar 2 website,shawn’s page even got some fans stated that the phone lines cannot even get through.i wonder what is mediacorp doing.hmmm…$_$?

  14. I was suprised to see Shawn kicked out..Frankly speaking I switched on my tv to see Campus superstar bcos many of my frens praised on him and I oni get to see his one and oni performance yesterday nite..Disappointed on the results as I thought he sang well..Better than some other contestants *No offence*

  15. Wat’s happened has happened….n is a fact that M3 was out!

    Dun take it too seriously as a competition will never be fair…..

    is over……

  16. Actually i always tink right after PSS 1, the calls and sms should be much cheaper like S$0.30.

    But if it is really so…i guess the 30% is even unfair liao cos ppl will be able to call even more…

  17. 0hh m0ii qq0dd . ii reallii kkann0rt bliieve tt kkute kkute b0ii’s 0ut luhhs . hhe siinqqs s0 well menn . ii tiink iishh e v0tiinqq part bahhs . hhaiishh . criied whhenn hhe’s 0ut . ii bet all thh0se ppl whh0 supp0rted hhim criied t00 uhhs ?? hhes kkute luhhs .

  18. what??u all like shawn??don u think he is so disgusting???everytimes hug all female contestants!!! guo hao gogogo!!!i will support u !!!!!!!huixian&teri so cute!! keely so sweet!!!

  19. what??u all like shawn??don u think he is so disgusting???everytimes hug all female contestants!!! guo hao gogogo!!!i will support u !!!!!!!huixian&teri so cute!! keely so sweet!!!

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