Breathe Better Under Water

I dunno what does ‘underwater world’ means to you… but definitely, it’s getting more and more attractive to me… 🙂

[youtube DZFEr33XkY8]
The diving clip of my most recent trip to Phuket!
And yes, Mediacorp Mermaid finally went into the sea to have a swim… ha!

Thanks to Jacki for the perfect arrangement.


Apart from some surprises here and there, this trip was really a fun and relaxing one

Getting ready for Phuket! Philip and JJ was there to send us off 🙂

Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

The first hotel we stayed, direct pool access! woohoo… But I got no chance to swim in the pool at all.. 🙁

Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

The Diving!

Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

Phuket 2009

Phuket 2009

Phuket 2009

My crazy nephew Eugene, Eleanor and friends!
Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

Ladies and gentleman, The Mermaid!
Phuket 2009

The ‘diving’ stunts!
Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

Phuket 2009 Phuket 2009

[youtube 97_TEgKV9Fw&hl]

Dun you think its time to pick up Diving? haha!
Gill Divers is located at Hong Kong Street, open house this Sat 21st March, 5pm.
For Diving related stuff, contact Gilldivers! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Breathe Better Under Water”

  1. Hi Dasmond,

    Wow… It must be a wonderful adventure you have during the Phuket’s trip. I believe that you enjoy the trip.

    Looking at how the fishes swim so freely (lots of FREEDOM)…

    At times, in life, we’re unable to control things (that’s why most of us lost of freedom) but when I look at how you guys swim in the sea, I think all of you found the freedom.

    Swims freely in the sea and looking at how the fish swim freely. It is definitely a good experience.

    I believe this is the type of freedom most of us are looking out for.


  2. Wow, nice stunts, hahaha!
    Anyway, i was wondering who is the mermaid.. until i clicked the pic..
    Quan yifong looks diff in the photo o.0

  3. wow the click the pics make me feel like taking up the course… seems to be very fun… everyone is so happy… enjoying…


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