Are you up for it? 大明星你行吗?

It was indeed fun, trying our best to master something new… Thanks to Channel 8’s new variety show Are you up for it? 大明星你行吗?

I had much fun doing the 2 episodes.

Martial Art 武术

It wasn’t easy, really… Luckily there’s my buddy Vincent Ng. Having him with me ease off my learning quite a bit.

We learnt, and we fought for better performance…

Here’s each of us, with our 师傅 (they spent quite a bit of time with us to make sure we master what we need to… haha!)

And to each and everyone who’s involved in this episode, thank you so much… for making the journey such a fun and interesting one 🙂


Never knew working with ‘flour aka mee’ can be so fun…

And I must really count my blessing… Martial Art challenge I’ve got Vincent, and this episode I’ve got Ann Kok!

Been awhile since we last worked together!

We spend quite a bit of time trying to pick up the skill. The process was interesting… not forgetting to mention that we were all well fed by Amy (Orchard Hotel)! 吃饱饱 心情好!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the 2 episodes… If you’ve missed it, go watch it here!

Martial Art 武术


Am I doing more?… Stay tuned!

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