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????????????????????? 6??????



Scary~~but a bit troublesome to do that right…

4 thoughts on “??????????”

  1. wah.. really not? damn er xin to think of it cuz i believe not everyone will do that.
    imagine all along didnt cover de.. how much bacteria have you consume and breathe in liao?
    esp those who uses toothbrush without washing it first before putting on the paste. Ew. HAHAHAHA!!

  2. Hi Dasmond,

    Oh gosh, could that be true?! I only know that you shouldn’t leave the cover open always.. Esp. when u are not going to be using it for a couple of days {yea, talking abt malaria}..

    Thanks for sharing the info with us! =)

    ps: Really missed those times when we stayed up late to listen to your shows (the lullaby brought back many fond memories)

  3. scary.. how cum so disgusting? i staying in hall..yucks.. imagine all the other gerz nv cover toilet seats.. yee!~ so disgusting..thx for telling tho..


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