15 thoughts on “???????”

  1. quite okie…. but i think one of u shld be toking when one is reading the receipt names and calling…

    perhaps can suggest that only chinese customers r deem for the calling lucky draw, is a chinese channel anyway…

    kind of irritating to hear eng in between.

    my 2 cents worth.

  2. Hmmm…i don tink it’s lousy. Mayb u feel so is because it’s the first time u hosting such type of varitey. Get exposed to more such types of shows and watch more PSC Nite(haha…)=)


  3. ???????????????.
    But you are still the best! Pull up your socks and put yr best foot forward yo!
    You have my support!

  4. watched a bit at the call outs part, u were ok there la.. there’s always times u feel u did badly but perhaps it wasn’t all that horrible actually =) jia you next week!

  5. heh.. not lousy la.. guess everybody have their bad day.. u cant expect yourself to perform up to standard everytime.. its like there is no1 in the world that is perfect.. i watched the show.. its ok.. jia you jiayou.. no worries..

  6. ur performance was ok ytd. wasnt as lousy as what u thought it was.

    cheer up! ^^

    room for improvement nxt week!


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