?????? @.@
??????????? : X
??????148????????? : P
?????????????????? : )

???????????21/3 ??????????????????

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12 thoughts on “??????”

  1. wah.. ur toilet also hav ur pic man~ cool.. anyway. ur blog de colour overall is very daring ar.. nice one.. free u can visit my simple blog too~ thank u.. and i think i saw u 2 times in j8 bishan.. one was the xia yi zhan chi shen me with Jamie Yeo another was with peifen abt the stars award one.. we wanted to find u to take pic after talking wif peifen.. but u walk so fast~~~~~~~~~~ =x but u are really shuai~!

  2. Finally reactive again ah. I actually popped by once a mth to check if there are updates… haha, the last time i am here was b4 CNY. This mth i have not make my round yet but saw cruz mentioned on his blog… So here i am.. Ganbatte in ur hse deco. Please upload the photo of the chopsticks version of Great Wall of China after u complete ok! I’m keen to see that, nv c b4, can’t even imagine… Lol.

  3. Oh yah forgot to say, I watched you on the variety show (The number game) yesterday night…wah!$6000!!!!!!!!!!! So how u celebrate ah? 🙂

  4. Wei wei……. Have your own house already ….can do what ever you want liao..
    don’t be mischievous woh….

    me somehow happy for you, sad for me…. cos the stalker now don’t know where you new place is ….ha haha….. hopefully you still go for bowling in Marina area. …… Long time no see you miss ya a lot…..

    Mmmmmuuaack………. 😛


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