15 thoughts on “分手.快乐”

  1. yes, she is beautiful when she is self-confidence.

    It is nt easy to chose this path,espcially as a celebrity. i like her and support her so dasmond, do accompany her and cheer her up.

    All the best to all!

  2. yes, i agree with jesline that it is really not easy to decide and choose this path.
    She must have struggle through a long long time before coming out of this decision.
    Although she might not have her love one with her (ex-husband) but she still have ALOT of closed friend surrrounding her to encourage her and give her a helping her to see her through.
    That’s what true friends are for during in time like this.
    She’s a brave and strong woman……she can do it ………
    Behind every smiling face is so much weepings and struggles…………….

  3. I agree with Rainee
    I think she’lll be happier after the divorce,
    the person who gonna suffer should be her daughter i guess.
    But she’s brave and confident, i think she will face the fact(:

  4. oh, this is really a news to me, didnt knew about this til i read your blog..
    ya, i guess you mentioned one important thing ‘快乐最重要’

    Its still a long path ahead for her, if this choice will bring more happiness to her, then why not..
    Well, but i do pity their children.. do hope both of them will continue to shower their children with lotsa love even after their divorce =)

  5. its really sad to read about this… She is really a brave and strong woman… in a divorce, children are the ones who suffer the most… its a sad case…

  6. Yeah, very sad and diffuclt for Yifeng to make this choice… I wasnt surprised when i read abt it in the newspaper, but I felt rather sad, yet kinda understood the situation. I respect her decision to finalize the divorce, that way she will be happier and not be bogged down by so many problems. I do hope their daughter Eleanor understands…

  7. the song that you have chosen says it all. 分手快乐
    i wish her well. she has a bright future ahead of her, and she should not let this bother her.

  8. 看到我报的新闻,替她难过,但也坚信她一定会活得更精彩。

  9. 我相信她将会是世界上最快乐的女人。。

  10. 我相信她将会是世界上最快乐的女人。。


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