13 thoughts on “你还好吗?”

  1. Are you missing someone? That’s why this article attracted you? Reading this reminds me of a close friend of mine… for some reasons, we stop contacting each other. Sometimes, when I search deep into my heart, I do miss her… And I must say that if there’s this person you miss so much, he or she should feel so lucky. Hope that whoever see this posting of yours 🙂

  2. Yo Bro! 你还好吗!? Not sure if you remember me… was in the same batch as you in TP. It’s been too long.. remember the first year TP Orientation Night Tour to Jurong Fish Market, and the most hilarious trip to Mt. Faber to watch sun rise!?! Came across your interview in the Life section today so googled for your blog. Just dropping by to say “Hi!” after all these years! 🙂

  3. Hey dasmond, read today ST and saw the interview about you..didn’t know about your past..quite surprise to read about it. Anyway, you got 6 sibling and you are the youngest? I hope I didn’t read wrongly or what? as i remember that you say you got younger brother so was wondering if I read wrongly or what..

    Cheer =)

  4. hello hello:)
    i read your interview in the ST yest..
    must say i’m really inspired by your drive & determination 🙂
    oh oh! & of course i watch your shows & enjoy them alot! 🙂

  5. Hi Dasmond! So nice to see your blog here! Not only you do well as a host, as an entertainer but you can blog well too! You are really showing a good example 🙂

    May success be with you alway. Hope I can tour you around my travel blog 🙂


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