The moment the result was announced, my heart dropped to the rock bottom…
Not that I cant take defeat, but i simply wish i could see you win.

You stand up tall and strong in front of others, taking the result in good spirit. I wish I know what’s going through your mind…

Just want you to know, it’s ok to feel sad… really… cause we only feel for things that matters to us… and we should never loose this feeling.

I know your best has yet to come… and they better watch out! @@

chang quan

15 thoughts on “???????”

  1. Who is jj? dun think is our local singer rite? Since it looks like a martial art/kongfu competition. Do agree with hui yi, jj should feel damn lucky Rong Shao care for him.

  2. Rongshao don be sad, cause you sad we will all feel sad… but hor, who is JJ? anyone know? and what competition is this?

  3. I know jj who! Me saw DK and YiFeng cumz my school watch inter school wushu competition, the pink shirt boy from Bendemeer Sec is jj my friend sae… DK tok to him! DK rockz!

  4. Wat a unlucky year for jj… He should at least get two golds!!! But he is really lucky to have a great brother like DK!!! Respect n Treasure it jj…!!!

  5. if aug let jj represent wu zhong,wu zhong will die for sure..! f@#k up those coach who side zhong zheng and VJC!!!…see 1 of them kio 1 of them!

  6. lalalalala…heard from others WY kor kor was kana say by other judge…ma te!!!…they so good go be the head judge la…talk only they know…why this world got all this bai lei,dont blame them also la…they getting old le brain slow…wait for they all die than world peace le:)…next time must go par siuo lin before go competition. hit the little man/women head.hit the little man/girl mouth,hit untill they cannot walk,hit untill they cannot talk,hit untill their bone break,hit they go guang ming sua sleep!!!….,see when free must go thailand do gong tao…do untill they all become my ka kiar,lalalalala….

  7. hey… u all can dun so rude not? jealous oso dun show until so much la… And VJC and MJC half-fight leh. Keep saying bias bias bias… B-BOOY u so gd u get for me to see la… CCHMS always been such a strong team and VJC got lose to schools wan u noe? dunno juz shut up la…


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