Star Awards 2010

After much talk about, yeap…. the day has arrived….
Today is the Star Awards 2010!


We had our rehearsal yesterday night, at Resorts World Sentosa. I bet tonight gonna be quite a fun one 🙂

10 years ago.. not knowing exactly what was happening. I went up to the stage to receive my 1st ever top 10 trophy.
I’m glad after a good 10 years, I’m still ‘kicking and alive’ in the entertainment scene.

Whether or not being able to walk away with another top 10 title, I’m feeling contented.
I was blessed abundantly, showered with all the love I’ve received from a lot of people around me… production teams, collegues, bosses and even you, that I might not know…

Allow me to extend my deepest appreciation to you,
those who have walked with me, supported me all these years.
I’m who I am because of you….

I won’t say I’m not nervous at all…
Like what I’ve said earlier… I’ve improved from last year ( which I wasn’t even in top 20 list ), and that’s good enough, winning will be an extra bonus 🙂

I’ll post some behind the scene stuff when I’m back from Star Awards!

May the best man wins…

Before I sign off, there’s this app A Moment in Time put together by Usual Production House.

book cover

My fellow collegue Ling Zhi and I did up this illustration book a few years back.
So, if you have a iPhone, iPod or iPad, do download it and share the memory ya!

9 thoughts on “Star Awards 2010”

  1. no matter what, you’re the best to all of us! may it be a better year ahead & you’ll def have all our support! 🙂

    ( Thanks 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. Though the results are out, but no matter what I still that that you are the best lo!


    I bet that your effort would definitely be recognise!

    I missed the Red Carpet at 530pm caused still working, so wasnt very sure how does your outfit looks like. Any photo? Hehe


  3. hi brother,

    was so happy u got in top 20.. so i voted for u many times..hole in the pocket…heart pain not because of the hole in the pocket but i’m worried u r dun worry me by looking down..keep looking up!

    ( Thank you… 🙂 – 22 )

  4. Hi Dasmond,

    Though you didn’t got the Top 10 Male Artiste, don’t despair (I know you won’t… =D) All along, what I know from Dasmond is you have an open and positive mind-set.

    In this world, we not only receive happiness. At times, we do encounter not a smooth sailing journey. Some people will tend to choose to hide or blame on something or somebody. When we wake up early in the morning, it is another brighter day. Move onto a brighter day.

    The illustration book! I have it (that is from you… a lovely christmas gift from you, Dasmond…) Sometimes, I will take it out and read again. At different time or different location or different place to read this illustration book again you will have different thoughts and feelings.

    Smile always… Dasmond…



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