I’m back from Shanghai Star Search!….


Last Saturday was a Super~ long day…
Woke up around 10plus in the morning, reach Pudong Airport at 9 plus at night to catch my midnight flight ( which we happen to bump into the whole group of 我的导游是明星 ).
Thought I could sleep on board during the 6 hour’s flight, but NO! I was awake all the way!
Arrive at Changi Airport around 6am in the morning….
Got into studio in the afternoon for yesterday’s 繽紛萬千在升菘 rehearsal before it goes live at 9pm.

Tired… but….

Thanks to all the U Kiss fans… the shouts and screaming of u guys and gals throughout the show was damn powerful lah!
I was kept awake the whole night because of you all!!!! hahaha

perfectgroup was fast, within a day U Kiss performance in 繽紛萬千在升菘 was posted up in youtube! Check it out!

I must admit that I dun have much idea of U Kiss before yesterday’s show. But they have definitely impressed me a lot. Not only their performance, but also their humble and polite attitude 🙂

I seriously think that we should do some kind of a variety show featuring these K-pop or J-pop groups, or artiste that came over to Singapore… Even if it’s only a few episodes… What do you think? ; ]

Whose next to appear on ?

4th July Eddie Peng Yu Yan 彭于晏


11th July Korean Group 2AM


Where’s next for me?

Early July KL – Starch Search
Mid July Japan – New City Beat

10 thoughts on “Screamzzz!”

  1. I was hoping you will post photos of u-kiss 🙂 hope there will be =D

    ( My apology… didnt take any photos… now then u tell me you guys wanna see photos… umm… what about 2AM? haha – from 22 )

  2. Hi Dasmond!
    Thanks for putting the info of guest appearance for Sheng Xiong programme!
    Dont worry!
    I will catch to watch of them performing in you n mummy Vivian programme
    (unless whether i am @ home ant).
    That’s a great idea of yours!
    So can you represent both K-pop and J-pop fans to suggest this great idea of yours to your boss?
    Agree that lots of both K-pop and J-pop artistes are coming to town to promote their album, drama series or even handphone too
    Indeed that Mediacorp should do a variety to let us get know more from them
    Or maybe Mediacorp arrange artiste go oversea to interview them

  3. wow, so many K groups now.but these 2 nt my cup of tea. u koe CNBlue? they sing well and talented! hope to see them come! must notify earlier, then i will go snatch tics,keke. agree w u tat most K groups sing or dance well,they undergo training before formed, unlike some …
    yes, and they are humble even though they are popular in asia.unlike some not so popular yet think they are popular n show poker face,haha.

  4. Hello! Can i asked how do i get the tickets to 缤纷万千在升菘 for 11 July? I wanted to get the tickets to support 2AM. Will be glad if you can reply me via my email?

    Thanks alot. (:

    ( scroll thru the previous comment, we’ve actually listed the add to request tickets for Sheng Siong Show 🙂
    Anyways, I think the 2AM tickets all gone liao… 🙁 – from 22 )

  5. “I seriously think that we should do some kind of a variety show featuring these K-pop or J-pop groups, or artiste that came over to Singapore… Even if it’s only a few episodes… What do you think?”

    Yeah! Great idea!.. i support !!.. Go! Go! Love K-pop! 😉

  6. Brilliant idea ! We should ! I would think K-pop n their groups is the rave right now ~

    We don’t have variety shows in this nature these days, or do we have any eons ago ? 🙂

    I didn’t have much idea of U-kiss either.. but they too impressed me.. 😀

    @ Eleanor said it all ! 🙂

  7. agree!! i hope to see more singapore variety shows that have more kpop or jpop groups as guest! :). since its like they dont come to sg so often, why not have this show so that when they’re in spore, they can film it! :).


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