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Joyce Stella left me a comment…

I wondered if you know this. LOLx.
You are the 心目中最佳的校园主持人 in many people’s eyes.
2nd is Pornsak.
You must be smiling & feel happy manz! I guess so…

I wasn’t aware of the voting… and by which website… but I must say I’m really flattered… Thanks for all those who had voted. It’s indeed fun and memorable being able to be involved in CSS 1&2…

Campus Superstar 2009 is currently running on Channel U, every Monday night.
Do give your support!
And may the best man/woman/boy/girl wins… 🙂


(To whoever who had done up this poster, nice… and fast… ha! thought this caricature just came out few days ago… hahaha… )

15 thoughts on “Campus Superstar”

  1. Yes, I agree.

    Really think that if you are the host is better than the current.
    Maybe mediacorp can consider the host for the next CSS?
    You host with Pornsak maybe would be better! =p

  2. Yeah, I think the poll really tells who’s good and who’s bad. I think the standard for this season dropped.
    I hope you can be the host, if there is another season of CSS next year!

    Are you involved in any projects/new shows recently?

  3. Hahaha! I agreed with JiaYu!
    Maybe Dasmond, Pornsak & Lee Teng.
    Hahaha! Sure exciting, these guys above host well and can make the show more interesting through their hosting. Cool!
    & I am shocked to see my name in your post! (^_^)

  4. Yesterday night i went to this website and vote for u & jingxuan. Hehe.

    Pornsak is good at hosting too. Yah loh maybe u can host with pornsak next time? Haha. Jia you!

    ( so which site is that? – from 22 )

  5. Woohoo, agree that u’re the best male host so far.
    Wonder why they let other new comers to host css’09 when they ain’t really suitable for live show cos’ of experience..

  6. to dasmond koh: Same as this website loh. Lol. 🙂

    Hey goh yah maybe he can host like this kind of programmes but if he host alot of programmes he will be busy de. So better dun host too many programmes if not he will be very tired de. 🙂

  7. YES YES i always thought you are one of the best hosts around. Your chinese standard is very good. You are eloquent and has fast reaction in live shows. JIAYOU JIAYOU!


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