10 thoughts on “当公主遇上王子”

  1. Err.. sorry to correct this but every Friday IS once a week.. something is wrong with your sentence.. Anyway, happy holiday 🙂

    ( haha… got it got it… Thanks 🙂 – from 22 )

  2. frown for show on 14th august.

    smiles for shows on 21st august and 28th august!

    smile for dasmond always!!

    ( haha – from 22 )

  3. hello, i really enjoy ur hosting & ur blog is really interesting! keep it up!!
    thanks for all these info & all the video clips! 🙂

  4. Hi there, may i know which were the shops that Paige chua and u visited? It wasn’t stated in the mediacorp webpage as with other episodes. Thanks in advance!

    ( My apology, I didnt really take note… you should be able to hunt it down in Mediacorp website… 🙂 – from 22 )


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