The Tree ????

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A mysterious thriller filled with powerful drama from strong characterisation delivered by Singapore top actress, Zoe Tay, and Golden Horse Award winners Francis Ng and Tse Kwan Ho and supported by a strong Singapore cast comprising Phyllis Quek, Edmund Tay and renown Hong Kong veteran actor Lau Siu Ming, and cameo appearance by YES 933FM DJ Dasmond Koh.

This is a powerful drama involving the relationship between a mother and her son. And when a pathologist investigates a mysterious hit & run accident with the boy as a witness, he starts to draw parallels between his relationship with his father.

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Francis Ng ??? plays Wu Chong Zhe ???
Zoe Tay ??? plays Guo Mei Feng ???
Phyllis Quek ??? plays Jiang Liang Xing ???
Tse Kwan Ho ??? plays Xie Wen Guang ???
Lau Siu Ming ??? plays Wu Ming Wei ???
Edmund Tay ??? plays Lin Zi Xiong ???
Deng Mao Hui ??? plays Xie Qing Yu ???
Lee Ee Wurn ??? plays Botanist ????
Wang Yan Bin ??? plays Assistant Pathologist ????
Rokson Lau ??? plays Doctor ??
Yeoh De Er ??? plays Qing Yu Childhood ????
Deng Mao Jie ??? plays Qing Yu Childhood ????
Phua Ser Peng ??? plays Qing Yu Childhood ????
Glenn Wong ??? plays Chong Zhe Childhood ????
Ken Teo ??? plays Young Ming Wei ????
Tan Shwn Wei ??? plays CID ?????
Dasmond Koh ??? plays Chen Guo Qiang ???
  Dasmond Koh

the tree 9

A radio DJ-turned-TV Host, Dasmond was the most popular DJ on Chinese radio before moving on to hosting TV programmes. He quickly rose to the Top 10 most popular artistes within his first year on television.

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