Soho@Work 2 新新关系2


An old shophouse located in Joo Chiat Road sprung to life recently when the new cast of Soho@Work held their media invitation at the Monroe Confectionery.

The previous season of Soho saw the closure of renowned comedian Jack Neo’s antique shop. The new season promises to be even more entertaining as veteran actor Li Wenhai, funny-man Mark Lee, host-cum-comedian Sharon Au and singer Su Zhicheng from Dreamz FM join the original cast of popular 93.3 FM DJ Dasmond Koh, Michelle Chia, Henry Thia and Peter Sau.

What’s New
In this new series, we see Bryan (Dasmond) go through a series of obstacles and challenges (compliments of the Prince of Joo Chiat, Mark) in order to meet the target of $100,000 from the pastry shop in 3 months’ time. He has to try to raise the amount with the help of best pal Yuan Da (played by Peter), so as to prove his worth in a deal previously struck between his uncle (previously played by Jack) and good friend Li.

However, things became complicated when he gets to know the Waitress of Joo Chiat, a loud and boisterous neighbour (Sharon). Things get complicated when their ‘spy’ (Henry) and baker (Zhicheng) get involved as well. The love triangle and misunderstandings among 3 of the characters should also add some tension and build up more interest in the light-hearted comedy.

Although Dasmond was not around to fend for himself, his peers frequently mentioned his name. Mark joked, ” In the show, I’m always squabbling with the ‘one and only No. 1 Joo Chiat waitress’. But, I also develop some feelings for her eventually. Unfortunately, she’s only interested in Dasmond. So, I can only stick around with my ‘Huige’ (Henry’s nickname).”

And with that, the amiable actor grabbed the neck of the blur-looking Henry, tucked him under his armpit and attempted to strangle him. Quick as a flash, Henry reciprocated with a look of agony and suffocation, sticking his tongue out as if he were dying for air. What a pair!