Seamingly Singapore 风行一时代


Story Outline:

Seamingly Singapore is a fashion documentary-reality series which explores the history of fashion styles in Singapore, and explores the origins and inspirations of current trends.

Armed with fashion knowledge, you may be motivated to dress up! Seamingly Singapore will feature fashion tips, uncover the latest trends, bargain finds and show you how to mix and match different styles. Most importantly, Seamingly Singapore shows you how to stand out and dress with flair!

Fashion that will be featured:

Episode 1: Victorian Fashion
In the 19th Century during the era of the Victorian Queen, fashion was distinctive: from fitting cuttings to romantic laces. Let’s discover the impact corsets have on fashion today.

Episode 2: American Fashion
Everyone has tee-shirt and jeans, but do you know their origins? You will be surprised that tee-shirts were originally merely undergarments. Over time, this simple attire won over the hearts of Americans and eventually, the world.

Episode 3: Japanese Fashion
Japanese fashion is a unique blend of traditional style and contemporary streetwear. Its multi-faceted and truly original appeal is renown and embraced throughout the world.

Episode 4: Streetwear Fashion
Streetwear style is not merely about skateboarding. Through creative accessorising and decorative prints, fans of streetwear express themselves through their individualistic fashion styles. Strong and uncensored, streetwear speaks volumes.

Episode 5: Chinese Fashion
The original cheongsam is not figure-fitting but through influence from the West over the years, the look today – high Mandarin collars and slits by the side – is now iconic of Chinese fashion throughout the world

Episode 6: Nanyang Fashion
Why are Kebayas inspired by flowers? Batik designs, ‘small flowers’ by day and ‘big flowers by night’, are fashion philosophies best explained by the Peranakans. Let’s explore the familiar but mysterious Nanyang fashion.

Episode 7: Indian Fashion
Breathtaking saris – how do yards of fabric express the mysticism and history of Indian fashion? The designs of Indian fabric tell the stories of Indian culture, tradition and religion. Its style is fast gaining recognition and appeal in the international scene.

Episode 8: Korean Fashion
Fans of Korean drama have no doubt fallen in love with Korean fashion. How have the romantic and tasteful fashion styles of drama series, films and even pop icon Rain, changed the dress sense of the new generation? Once heavily influenced by foreign fashion brands, Koreans today are now forging their own identity.