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From March 23, every Thurs at 8pm. Repeat telecast at 12am on same day

With their career still taking up pretty much most of their time, most Singaporeans resort to eating out rather than going home to whip up a sumptuous home-cooked meal. Working mothers aspire to cook their family a nutritious meal; however, with the limited amount of time on their hands, this often remains a dream. Hence, Quick Cuisine offers all info on how to prepare a meal in 30 minutes or less!

The programme will touch on various themes like DIY Valentine’s Day meal, Birthday Parties, a meal with the prospective in-laws and etc. Each week, a contestant, along with host Dasmond Koh, will attempt to cook a fantastic themed meal in 30 minutes with the help and tips of various chefs. Their efforts will be judged by the contestant’s friends and family.

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