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乐活有方 Living Well

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Dasmond Koh 许振荣 , Charlyn Lin 林翠芳

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每逢周三 晚上10时30分
Every Wed 10.30pm


快乐生活和营养、保养以及修养息息相关,3 养是大家都很关注的课题,这节目将以提供 3 养的资料为主要内容。


(一)营养 :

A. 由营养师提供专业资料,比如维他命A对人体健康的重要性。

B. 由烹饪老师示范如何以含丰富维他命A的材料做一道菜、小吃或果汁。必须是做法简单,观众可以DIY的.


A. 由营养师提供维他命A 在美容方面的好处。

B. 由美容师示范如何保养皮肤的维他命 A,比如怎样正确的洗脸?简单的步骤,观众也可以 DIY.

C. 以护肤,保持体重为主,不换肤,不减肥。


A.修养如何与维他命 A 扯上关系呢?A stand for — Ability: 才能、才智。。

B.由心理医生或辅导官解说如何发掘一个人的才能、才智。。比如做父母的要如何去了解孩子有不同才能,而不会给予孩子太大的压力。这是父母的 — 修养。(修养必须身体力行,也要DIY。 )

Nourishment, sustainment and self cultivation are essential elements for a happy life. They are topics of widespread concerns, hence this programme will focus on providing information on these three factors.


a) A nutritionist will provide expert advice on topics such as the importance of Vitamin A for one’s health.

b) A cooking instructor will demonstrate how to prepare a dish, a snack or a fruit juice that is rich in Vitamin A. Preparation methods will be simple so that viewers can DIY.


a) A nutritionist will introduce the benefits of Vitamin A in skincare.

b) A beautician will demonstrate how to retain Vitamin A in the body, eg how to cleanse the face correctly. Simple methods will be used so that viewers can DIY.

c) Focus will be on skincare and maintaining weight, not on skin regeneration or dieting.

Self Cultivation:

a) How does cultivation connect with Vitamin A? “A” stands for Ability: talent and intelligence!

b) A psychologist or a counselor will speak on how to develop one’s potential. For instance, how parents can understand the different abilities their child may have and thus not place undue pressure on the child. This is part of a parent’s self-cultivation.(Cultivation methodology has to be achievable through DIY)